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Ramia - Quality mark - made in czech republic

Tools storage cupboard PRO III

Important info

shipping costs is quoted by delivery address individually

solid beech wood

shipped assembled including tools


Rozměr:1195x565x450 mm
Weight:45 Kg
Shipping dimensions:1210x580x460 mm

Product description

This cupboard fits to all workbenches from our PRO Serie. Cupboard is shipped with following tools in profesional quality.

Tools list:
Professional set of screwdrivers (7pcs), Professional set of chisels (8pcs), Set if woodcarving chisels (5pcs), Set of rasps (round, flat, halfround), Joiner Mallet, Carpenters Mallet, Woodcarving Mallet, Hammer, Dovetail saw, Hand saw – 50mm, Plane (blade 36mm), Plane (blade 18mm), Combination pliers, Wire cutters, Double marking gauge with one lock arm, Dimensions of adjustable square, Square 90°, Gluing clap – 500mm (2pcs), Mitre box, Whetstone, Ruler, Caliper, Folding meter, Pencil (3pcs)

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