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Ramia - Quality mark - made in czech republic
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Workbench Premium Star

Important info

dovetail construction
solid beech wood
• varnish or oil finishing
• ordinary spindle or quick release (to order)
ready for easy change of vices for left-hander / right-hander
tool well at rear
• optional storage cupboard PRO I, PRO II, PRO III

Standard equipment:

1x drawer, 1x set of round bench dogs PRO, 2x spindle key


LxWxH (without vices):1850x600x870 mm
LxWxH (incl. vices):2000x760x870 mm
Top thickness:50 mm
Apron depth:110 mm
Front vice (size/span):480x60 / 190 mm
Tail vice (size/span):480x60 / 190 mm
Weight:90 Kg
Shipping dimensions:1900x630x180 mm

Assembly instructions

Product description

The PREMIUM STAR workbench is intended for large workshops with enough room. This model has been designed in a way different from the other PRO series benches. The bench is equipped with 2 sturdy vices – front and side. Both of them are 480 mm long and 60 mm wide. Thanks to two rows of bench dog holes located on the bench plate, material of almost any width and length can be clamped. Each vice has 2 holes for round bench dogs. The plate contains 36 holes for bench dogs. The joiner's bench is designed for high load. Another advantage of this model is its readiness for vice replacement for left- and right-handed persons. The tool drawer enables quick laying aside of the most widely used tools. The bench base contains 3 holes for bench dogs which, in combination with the front vice, enable vertical clamping of the material. The dovetail design of the bench guarantees the utmost strength and maximum resistance. The trough alongside the bench can be used for laying aside tools or remaining material. The tool drawer enables quick storage of the most widely used tools. This model satisfies the most demanding requirements of all users.

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