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Ramia - Quality mark - made in czech republic


Model: PT-1-BKB

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Guarantee: 24 months

Shipping costs: FREE in EU
(only for one-piece shipments, only to end customers, except United Kingdom)


Important info

• Material: solid beech wood
• Higher shelf for small tools or pots
• Lower shelf for heavier items
Side sliding board


Diameter:25 mm
Rozměr:1100x500x1125 mm
Working height:850 mm

Product description

Our new Potting benches are excellent aids intended for the modern gardener. They make work easier for them when transplanting and cutting flowers, sowing seeds and other activities. They facilitate the orderly arrangement of work tools and other aids, which will always be at hand. Storage space is available in the lower section for large flower pots and bags of soil. All your other activities will now be more fun and easier. The workbench will in addition become a nice accessory in your garden.

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RAMIA s r.o.
Ocelkova 643/20, 198 00 Praha 9, Czech Republic
Zátaví 58, 397 01 Písek, Czech Republic

Phone.: +420 382 264 450




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