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Ramia - Quality mark - made in czech republic


Model: HB-FM

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Guarantee: 24 months

Shipping costs: FREE in EU
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Important info

• folding base
• solid beech wood
• without surface finishing (surface finishing to order)


Diameter:20 mm
LxWxH (without vices):860x400x860 mm
LxWxH (incl. vices):1000x400x860 mm
Front/Side vice (size/span):350x40/130 mm
Shipping dimensions:1000x800x120 mm

Product description

We have newly included in our range of joiner's workbenches and workbenches the FOLDING/MOBILE "workbench". This model will be a perfect aid for minor repairs in your garden, house or flat and you will also find it useful in your workshop. A huge advantage is its ease of folding and unfolding, which is ensured by means of four hinges and subsequent transfer to the location where you need to use it. A further advantage is easy storage - thanks to its small dimensions when folded (1000x400x120 mm), it can be stored almost anywhere. Its acceptable weight of 17kg makes relocating it easy, while at the same time providing adequate structural stability for minor work.

Your cart is empty (incl. 21% VAT tax)
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RAMIA s r.o.
Ocelkova 643/20, 198 00 Praha 9, Czech Republic
Zátaví 58, 397 01 Písek, Czech Republic

Phone.: +420 382 264 450




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