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Ramia - Quality mark - made in czech republic


HB-S 2
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Model: HB-S

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Important info

• folding base
• solid beech wood
• varnish or oil surface finishing


Working height:880 mm
LxWxH (without vices):1100x600x1230 mm
LxWxH (incl. vices):1250x750x1230 mm
LxWxH (folded):1250x250x1230 mm
Top thickness:25 mm
Apron depth:70 mm
Front vice (size/span):360x55/130 mm
Front/Side vice (size/span):360x55/130 mm
Weight:56 Kg
Shipping dimensions:1300x820x160 mm

Product description

This model is an ingenious folding bench which will find favour in many situations where space is limited and a bench is only needed for occasional use. However, do not confuse folding with light duty. This bench has the top 25 mm, twin vices and the overall construction of the fixed part of the bench will guarantee more than adequate strength and rigidity. Thanks to pre-boring of the vices, the bench is suitable for both left- and right-handed persons. Two folding legs pull out from the wall for supporting the bench when in use. There is a generous working area. This is very nicely made bench which could prove to be a great asset for example in garage that doubles as a home workshop.

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RAMIA s r.o.
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Zátaví 58, 397 01 Písek, Czech Republic

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